FAQs for TPTV Encore

How do I turn on Subtitles?

If subtitles are available this will be stated in the description of the programme. Start the player and there is a small button with “CC” (for closed captions) in the bottom right of the player bar that you can click and turn them on.

Is there an app?

No. It's available via your browser on internet-connected devices at the moment.

Will it be on TV catch-up service?

No. As above.

Is it available overseas?

Yes, but not all content, it depends on the specific rights we have for that film or TV series.

Is there advertising during the films/ shows?

Yes, there's advertising on the service. It’s important to us that the service remains free and this is the best way to allow this.

What should I do if I don’t receive a confirmation email after registering?

Check your spam folder to see whether the email has gone into there. If it isn’t there, then try registering again and be careful to ensure that you use the correct email address.

How do I watch TPTV Encore?

Go to www.tptvencore.co.uk and register your email address. You will be sent a confirmation email, to confirm you are a real person, and then you can use this to login to the service and watch the 100s of hours of FREE film and TV.

Why are some titles not available as catch up on TPTV Encore?

It is all down to rights with some of our content providers. For some of them we have the rights to put the film or TV series on Encore but for others we do not. Also, for some we have a ‘window’ where we can show content, after it has been broadcast, as a ‘catch-up’ and after that we have to it take it down.

How do I view subtitles?

When you are viewing content there is a button in the bottom right-hand corner on the video that you can click that will bring up the subtitles, if available

How do I search for films and TV shows?

Use the search function in the top right of the homepage to search for the content you want to see. You can search by genre, actor, director or film or TV series title

Why do I have to register for TPTV Encore?

We want TPTV Encore to be free to everyone so we have advertising before, and within, films and TV shows. Advertisers like to know who is watching the shows and so we capture a small amount of data to make sure that you get the appropriate adverts.

How do I make a suggestion for TPTV Encore?

E-mail [email protected] and we will see what we can do to add the shows you are looking for.

Why have some films or TV series been removed from the service?

Some films and TV series have specific ‘rights windows’ during which we can include them on the service, which is down to the specific agreement with the individual rights owners. For example, some films may have a 7-day ‘catch-up’ window, after the show has been on the channel and we can only include the show on TPTV Encore during that time.

How do I use Encore via the Red button?
Will it be on TV Catchup service?

The service was initially only accessed via tptvencore.co.uk, but if you have an internet connected Freeview TV or Set Top Box with HbbTV technology, you can now watch Encore on your TV via the Red Button on Freeview CH82. Please visit https://www.tptvencore.co.uk/FAQ/Red-Button-FAQs for more information.

I've forgotten my password/how do I reset my password?

This is an easy fix. All you need to do is click 'log in' and you will see a 'reset password' link, click this link and the page will ask for your email address. Simply supply the email address that that you used to register, and you will receive an email containing a secure link where you can create a new password. If you can’t see the email to change your password in your normal Inbox, please check your spam or junk folders, or even your deleted folder. If the email doesn’t appear in any of your email folders, please email [email protected] and we can do reset it manually for you.

How can I get Encore on my TV

If you have an internet connected Freeview TV or Set Top Box with HbbTV technology, you can now watch Encore on your TV via the Red Button on Freeview CH82. Please visit https://www.tptvencore.co.uk/FAQ/Red-Button-FAQs for more information. If you are not compatible with the red button service on Freeview, but still want to watch Encore on your TV, then the best option that we would recommend at this point in time, would be to log into Encore on a laptop, and connect it to your TV via a HDMI cable. As mentioned, the service is still in its youth, but we are constantly working towards expanding Encore to be as widely accessibly as possible by making it available on more platforms, and in multiple formats. The Red Button service is the latest of many updates to come.

I'm trying to register to TPTV Encore, but it's telling me my email is invalid

This error message usually only comes up when a space has accidentally been entered in the box you’re entering your email address, so we ask you to double check that no rogue spaces have been left in, at the start or end, after copying and pasting your email address. This tends to be the case with all instances of this error message occurring.

I'm trying to log in, but it's telling me my password is case sensitive?

The error message telling you the password is case sensitive is just a reminder that the box where you enter your password is case sensitive, which means you must enter each letter case (Upper case/Lower case) as you did when the password was created. For example if you created your password as ‘PigGoat22’ it needs to be entered like that, and it won’t accept ‘piggoat22’. Any tool that supports text input might support case-sensitive input. That said it sounds like you’re just entering your password wrong, or maybe you made a typo when creating it during the registration process? If this doesn't help, you may want to simply reset your password.

Why can't I watch some films with my VPN on?

Your VPN stores your identity on a server, and replaces it with another, tricking the internet into thinking you are in a different country. Due to licensing agreements, our limited release content is only available in United Kingdom and Ireland (as noted in the video's description). Even if you are within the UK or Ireland, your VPN will tell our website that you are actually located in another country, forcing our website to make the Limited Release content unavailable to you.

I'm trying to watch Encore on my Smart Phone, but the search bar is blocked, and I can't click on it!

It looks like your display is squeezing everything together. Make sure your device and browser are fully updated. I would also suggest holding your phone landscape as it will give the top bar more space. You can also go to your phones settings to and see if you can adjust the display.