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Sailor Beware!

Sailor Beware!

Video Description:

Available until 5th March.
Only available in United Kingdom and Ireland.

1956. Comedy. Director: Gordon Parry. Stars Gordon Jackson, Peggy Mount, Ronald Lewis & Shirley Eaton. A seaman gets cold feet about his wedding when his mother-in-law to be takes control. SUBTITLES AVAILABLE.

Directed by Gordon Parry
Written by Philip King, Falkland Cary
Based on Sailor Beware! by Falkland Cary and Philip King
Produced by Jack Clayton, John Woolf
Starring Peggy Mount, Shirley Eaton, Ronald Lewis
Cinematography by Douglas Slocombe
Edited by Stan Hawkes
Music by Lambert Williamson
Production Companies: Remus Films, Romulus Films
Distributed by Independent Film Distributors