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Island of Terror

Island of Terror

Video Description:

Available until 30th November.
Only available in United Kingdom and Ireland.

Our Queen of Scream, Caroline Munro, introduces 'Island of Terror'. 1966. Horror. Director: Terence Fisher. Stars Peter Cushing, Carole Gray & Eddie Byrne. An isolated community on a remote island is in danger after a creature that can dissolve bones is unleashed. SUBTITLES AVAILABLE.

Directed by Terence Fisher.
Written by Edward Mann and Al Ramsen.
Based on an original story by Mann and Ramsen.
Produced by Tom Blakely.
Cinematography by Reg Wyer.
Edited by Thelma Connell.
Music by Malcolm Lockyer.
Production company - Planet Film Productions.
Distributed by Planet Film Distributors.
Release date 1966.