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Dr. Phibes Rises Again

Dr. Phibes Rises Again

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Available until 8th December.
Only available in United Kingdom and Ireland.

Our Queen of Scream, Caroline Munro, introduces 'Dr. Phibes Rises Again'. 1972. Horror. Directed by Robert Fuest. Stars Vincent Price, Robert Quarry & Peter Cushing. The sinister Dr. Phibes rises again and seeks an ancient set of scrolls to resurrect his deceased wife. SUBTITLES AVAILABLE

Directed by Robert Fuest
Written by Robert Blees, Robert Fuest
Produced by Louis M. Heyward
Starring Vincent Price, Robert Quarry, Peter Jeffrey, Valli Kemp, Fiona Lewis
Cinematography by Alex Thomson
Edited by Tristam V. Cones
Music by John Gale
Production Company: American International Pictures